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                    Guangzhou International Lighting Fair

                    Publish time: 2016-05-08 08:25:47    View: 1231

                    Time: June 9, 2016 to 12

                    Venue: China Import and Export Fair Exhibition Hall

                    Exhibition scale: square meters (2015)

                    Organizer: Guangzhou light Asia Frankfurt Exhibition Co., Ltd.

                    "Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition" across the 20 years, the size of the constant refresh record

                    Global lighting and LED industry leader - the twentieth "Guangzhou International Lighting Fair" in June 2015 9 to 12 in China Import and export commodity trading exhibition hall held a grand. Four days of the exhibition brings together 2698 countries and regions of the 27 exhibitors, the exhibition area of 225000 square meters, the scale of five consecutive years ranked first in the industry. Professional visitors from 121 countries and regions, a total of over 140 thousand, a new record high. Show success ushered in the United States, South Korea, Japan, Germany, Brazil, Russia, Italy, Malaysia, Taiwan, Hong Kong and other countries and regions, 14 Pavilion.

                    Leading the global industry wind direction, boost enterprise value multiplier

                    "Guangya Exhibition" as global lighting and led annual festival, continued to lead the global industry direction, international and domestic famous brands competing presenting innovative lighting technology and products. 2015 exhibition to "explore the future of the lighting" as the theme, the interpretation of the future direction of lighting, activities focused on design, marketing, technology and communication, to explore the infinite possibilities of lighting.

                    Lighting and create infinite possibilities "twenty anniversary special events, and draw up a blueprint for the future development of lighting industry

                    To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the exhibition, the organizers launched up to 120 screenings high-end conference activities, including "the lighting industry the whole industry chain business forum", "design talk", "CEO talk" and "light talk", and to explore the lighting industry trends, "explore the lighting of the future", from different aspects explore the possibilities of the lighting industry.

                    Over the same period of the exhibition, highlighting the synergy effect

                    2015 "Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition" held in the same period Guangzhou International Exhibition building electrical technology, Guangzhou International Wire & cable and accessories exhibition, the total size of the exhibition reached 27 million square meters, lighting+building for the global industry presents a world top and comprehensive Sheng Photoelectric feast.

                    2016 exhibition date:

                    Exhibition time: June 9, 2016 to 12 am 9:00 to 6:00 pm

                    Exhibition cost:

                    Standard booth: 17000 yuan / 9 square meters of light (36 square meters):1600 yuan / square meter

                    Classification of exhibits:

                    Lighting display categories: professional lighting, decorative lighting, LED technology, professional lighting, light source, lighting accessories, lighting control

                    System, management, measurement, lighting production equipment, instrument

                    LED exhibits categories: LED materials, chips, epitaxial films and components, LED packages, modules, appliances and finished products, LED

                    Equipment, instrument, drive control and power supply, LED lighting applications, LED display, backlight

                    Audience from industry

                    Industry: architects, designers, planning personnel / Engineer, real estate developers, building / property management agencies, building contractors / decoration decoration company, power electric company, the advertising industry, landscape engineering, associations, institutions and

                    Trade related: importers, exporters, wholesalers, distributors, retailers, manufacturers, agents, chain stores, department stores, procurement offices, online retailers, industry end users

                    Government departments: construction / planning / Science / technology / trade / municipal / development and reform department, purchasing department

                    Standard booth equipment

                    Standard booth 9 square (3 meters long 3 meters wide x x skirtboards fascia is 2.5 meters high, 3.5 meters high)

                    The basic equipment including: three panels (white), the company English name lintel (3.5 meters high), a power socket (no more than 500W), 3 spotlights, a Advisory Taiwan, two chairs, carpet, garbage baskets.

                    Visit or exhibition

                    Welcome to register exhibitors or visitors. Worth mentioning is, the audience groups registration to visit the exhibition will have more chance to get the shuttle bus and lunch will be arranged.

                    To understand the Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition (optical Asia) and the Guangzhou international cable show, the organizers of the consultation:

                    Tel: 020-38288625

                    Contact: Miss Lin