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                    LED packaging and photovoltaic research strategy

                    Publish time: 2016-05-08 08:23:28    View: 1093

                    Economic downward phase of the cycle, some industry experience ebb tide, the completion of a thorough shuffle, industry pattern has been set, leading companies come to the fore. The reshuffle industry completely definition a few years earlier capacity investment too fast; second, the decline in prices in recent years is very obvious, chain price continued to fall; the third is the industry of large company restructuring or bankruptcy liquidation; the fourth is leading the company market share continue to improve. We initially chose LED package and photovoltaic industry, the subsequent will further supplement and active interest in the proposed LED packaging industry leading Linsen and photovoltaic industry leading Lungi shares.

                    1, the economic downturn, the industry reshuffle intensified. The performance of this round of cycle is generally 2010-2012 capacity to accelerate investment, especially manufacturing investment, for three consecutive years to maintain the growth rate of 20%-30%, no doubt increased the huge production capacity. 2012-2015 prices continued to decline, has been 4 years, some of the industry completed a thorough shuffle, in the context of macroeconomic stage of stability and stability, some industries have been reversed.

                    2, reverse the industry 1:LED packaging industry. Due to the LED package to enter a doorsill low, the scale of investment in more than 2000 million, in the initial stage of development of the industry attracted large capital enter, packaging industry formed a small and scattered pattern, 10 years ago industry basically showing warlords hegemony pattern, 14, 15 years LED package price falls, 14 years fell by 30%, 15 years fell 30% - 50%, in this context, large-scale enterprise bankruptcy restructuring, industry mergers and acquisitions increased significantly, large mergers and acquisitions cases have noticeably increased, M & A case the amount of billions of dollars amounted to 39, accounted for 73.6%.

                    3, LED package leading companies: rawlinson. From the point of view of package capacity, wood Linsen 2015 3600 million, nationstar optoelectronics for 480 million, honglitronic 150 million, wood Linsen leading edge without shake. Follow up the core aspect: first, will continue to expand the expansion of the LED package production capacity; two is the layout of the downstream area of lighting; three is expected to exist overseas mergers and acquisitions, the international brand OSRAM is the subject of the possible.

                    4, reverse industry 2: pv. Due to funding for the production of photovoltaic industry chain in the middle reaches of the cell and module required threshold is low, the lack of technical barriers, short construction period, the surge in demand for foreign attracted a large number of capital enter, formed a small and scattered pattern. Domestic silicon prices began to slide in 2011, is still hovering at the bottom of the process, beginning in 2014, the photovoltaic industry chain in all aspects of the industry began to improve, before 2014 polysilicon ten production accounted for ratio reached 91%, the top five accounted for the ratio reached 77%.

                    5, photovoltaic leading enterprises: Lungi shares. Unparalleled cost advantages, on the other hand of a low cost of electricity companies in the automation equipment, large scale and pulling process improved the first application. The follow-up of the core aspect: first, the company actively layout in the downstream industry chain, focusing on the development of solar energy components business and power plant development business, and began the layout of distributed PV business. Two is a steady flow of orders, to ensure the continuity of its performance.